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What is SPC?

Our advanced Richmond SPC flooring is manufactured using a stone polymer composition, delivering exceptional strength and durability. It features waterproof properties and a click system for easy installation and removal. Our company is the only one globally that uses CoolCure technology, which emits 80% less heat, making our SPC flooring 50% stronger than any other product available in the market.

Virgin stone costs $100 per cubic ton, while polymer costs $1000 per ton. However, our polymer is VOC-free and provides complete safety from harmful chemicals. As a binding agent, it is the most potent material to use with virgin stone. It is essential to note that companies that use a lower polymer content to offer lower prices compromise the strength of the product.

We provide a variety of surface designs suitable for different types of internal flooring, including wood, stone, and herringbone effects. Our flooring can be installed on any even surface, including concrete or ceramic tiles. We offer a 5-year warranty and up to 20 years of product guarantee, demonstrating our confidence in the technical abilities of our flooring.

Our flooring is created by fusing limestone with polymer and calcium carbonate to add stability and rigidity. We use advanced locking systems to prevent spills from seeping into the core.

At Richmond Flooring, we prioritize quality above everything else.

What is SPC?

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